completed art studies at the James Street Art College, Perth, in 1971. From 1974 I worked as a graphic designer for the Dept. of Defense in Canberra. During the middle part of my career, I worked in graphic design and teaching on the Sunshine Coast. Working as head designer for six hat systems developing an interactive CD for Dr Edward DeBono. In 1994 I was awarded First Prize Drawing in the Maleny Arts Awards. I also ran my own graphic design business Sahitya Graphics between 1994 to 2009.

2006-9, with painting trips to France, I studied oil painting at Acros de la Frontera in Spain, under the direction of  the Famous American realist artist Daniel E. Greene. My work has been purchased by a number of private collectors in Australia and the USA.

While in Europe, I came across the old French postcards from the 20’s. Images of forgotten beauties that have started to fade over time. These beautiful woman and muses, with their elegant and stylized poses, were probably once the toast of Paris, what interesting stories they could have told. For me, it is a personal journey to bring their colour and beauty back to life, to return their spirit to canvas rather than allow it to fade into history.

“As an artist, I am drawn to realism. It takes me on a journey that has no end. By continually being in the question with the painting I can be in allowance of what it needs to be and how it turns out.”